The Chromatic Domains

The Forest

The party decided to help the elven blacksmith recover her lost sword, and the next morning they set out westward after getting a few more details. Along the way, they were attacked by wolves. Upon reaching a marker (a large rock next to the river), an enchanting song pulled some of the party off into the forest. Two harpies managed to charm most of the party before they broke free of the spell and rid the world of the creatures. They then continued to follow the directions given to them by the blacksmith, and began seeing spider webs that covered trees. Eventually, they stumbled upon the lair of a giant spider. Shimazu attempted to covertly attack the spider before it saw any of the party, but failed to land a hit. The rest of the party then joined in the battle. Not more than half a minute later, another giant spider entered the lair; this one had a sword in its back. The spiders were slain with relative ease, helped in part by some dwarven acrobatics. After things calmed, Shimazu noticed an unusually clean box. Inside were a few pots of paint; apparently mundane but with an aura of magic to them. In experimentation, Sefyr painted a spear on her arm. As soon as she was done, she found that a real spear was painfully protruding from her arm. After taking some time to identify the paint, they were realized to be marvelous pigments.

Having rested and retrieved the sword, the party returned to Rivermist uneventfully to collect their reward: a magical protective cloak. They then rested in Rivermist for one more night, planning on continuing south the following morning.


Zunawe Zunawe

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