The Chromatic Domains

A Fitting Introduction to Tief

After resting another night in Rivermist, the group of adventurers left the city to again head south. Roads south appeared much less traveled, and before noon, the trees abruptly ended and gray plains stretched south. Just after leaving the forest’s border, a man ran screaming toward the party from the north. He was easily knocked out and restrained (after a small mishap by Udoka resulting in a brief belief she was a fish). This man (later known as Sudeiman) apparently came from Tief looking to recruit for his “organization”. He shunned all party members for not being Green chromats (which he was), but decided to journey with them for a time seeing as how they were travelling to the same place.

On the road, conversation further revealed Sudeiman to be somewhat out of his mind. tangential to the path, the party came across a streak of blood that led behind a large rocky outcropping. Some stealth and preparation let the party dispatch the displacer beast hidden on the other side. Shimazu, as usual, took its head. The blood streak came from a now dead dwarf with an apparent affinity for potions.

The image of Tief came far before the party came close to it. The city was stacked on itself. A high wall once guarded the populace below while the grander buildings sat on stilts. It took hours to reach the walls, much of which was filled with Sudeiman describing his existence in Tief and his organization’s doings. After finally reaching the walls, Sudeiman insisted that the party not breach the walls, as the city was filled with poison gas. After some arguing, Sudeiman greeted a man from his organization who apparently was not there. Sudeiman was then immediately disregarded as the party entered the city of their destination.


Zunawe Zunawe

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