The Chromatic Domains

This world is variant from the standard D&D world described by Wizards of the Coast. The most notable changes are the removal of half-orcs, halflings, and gnomes, the addition of Color training, and the replacement of deities with Colors.

About the World

A good hub for finding information about the world is A Brief History of the World, which details some of the most significant events and locations. The wiki is also a good start for information.

Color Training

The “civilized” races (referring mostly to playable races) are able to control aspects of the world through the manipulation of Colors. These Colors made the world and its inhabitants, and many people are able to use the aspects of these Colors to shape the world around them. When referring to Colors, one refers to Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple, which are entities that created the world from nothing.

A creature can be trained in the use of one or two of these Colors to gain benefits such as moving quickly or becoming invisible. The Color(s) they can be trained in is determined at birth and cannot be changed. The factors that determine which Colors they can manipulate are given by a Color spread, which is unique to each creature.


Obviously, most of the inspiration behind this world and its inhabitants comes from Wizards of the Coast’s official documentation for Dungeons & Dragons. The Color training aspect, and many of the unique additions that differ from the standard mechanics, are derived from Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer novels, which I highly recommend.

The Chromatic Domains