Purple is the only Magical Color, and was the last to be introduced to the universe. Purple is a unique Color. It doesn’t have as much of a place in the universe as the Mundane Colors, and its properties are entirely unique. Purple’s existence is entirely responsible for sentience and civilization. It is unpredictable and not much is known about it. As a result, creatures who are associated with Purple are rarely seen, and hard to understand. They may appear distant, and often superstitions revolve around their presence.

Associations: Mystery, Magic, Sentience, Luck

Color Training

Skill Attributions: Arcana, Deception, Investigation, Perception, Stealth

Elemental Association: Lightning

Color Disciplines

Elemental Thief

Before you make a weapon attack or an unarmed strike on your turn, you can use your bonus action to spend 1 Purple color point to change the physical damage type of your attack to something you choose that is not physical. For example, if you use a longbow to shoot an arrow at a goblin, you can change the damage type from piercing to lightning.

Threads of Magic

You can use your action to regain an expended spell slot. The number of Purple color points you must spend is equal to 1 + the spell slot’s level.

Color Creation

You can turn 5 Purple color points into 1 color point of a different Color. This color point disappears at the end of a long rest. You can spend this color point as if you were a chromat of that Color.


You can use the magic of your Purple color points to temporarily enchant one item with an enchantment during a long rest. The number of Purple color points you must spend depends on the rarity of the enchantment as seen in the table below. An item cannot be enchanted if it is already magical. Your DM decides whether an item can be enchanted as well as what enchantments can be placed on it. Your color points are expended after the long rest is complete. The enchantment disappears at the end of the next long rest you take, and you regain the number of Purple color points you spent on the enchantment up to your Purple color point maximum regardless of whether or not you are in dim or bright light.

Rarity Color Points Spent
Common 10
Uncommon 12
Rare 14
Very Rare 16
Legendary 18


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