Orange was the second Color, and represents caution. With that caution frequently comes mischief, but also diplomacy. Creatures with an affinity for Orange often rely on subterfuge or underhanded tactics to gain an advantage.

Associations: Deceit, Caution, Unreadable

Color Training

Skill Associations: Acrobatics, Deception, Perception, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Performance

Elemental Association: Poison

Color Disciplines

Disguise Color

You can spend 1 Orange color point as a bonus action. Until you use this power again, anybody who attempts to discern your Color spread will see whatever pattern you set when you use this feature. Your eye color reflects this false spread, as do sensory magical effects, such as the color of magically created fire. A creature with truesight can see your real eye color, and will see your real Color spread if they look at it.

Padded Feet

You can spend 2 Orange color points to cast pass without trace, targeting yourself.

Bend Light

You can spend 5 Orange color points to cast invisibility, targeting yourself.

Insightful Lenses

As an action, you may spend 10 orange color points for the following effects:

  • Cast true seeing, targeting yourself.
  • Cast detect thoughts. You cannot probe deeper into any creature’s thoughts. The duration of the spell is 1 hour. If you cast detect thoughts separately, it works as normal, and its effects supersede the effects of this feature. When that spell ends, this feature is still active if any time remains in this feature’s duration.


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