Nashar is the human country that occupies the Rusted Waste in northern Antinaea. Its capital, Khamra lies at the foot of the only large solid structure in the landscape of the Waste. The Nashari have no particular name for this place, but the Aerilonians took to calling them the Iron Hills.

The Nashari have dark skin and dark eyes. They typically wear thin clothing to keep cool under the heat of the desert. Curiously, the Nashari seem to have always spoken the same language as the humans of Celonias

Nashari rarely use armor heavier than chain mail, and even that is lighter than any Western chain. Their weapons are typically curved and broad, and made for cutting, especially from horseback.

There are no major settlements in the desert except for Khamra, and almost every population center is within 10 miles of the Nahr, the only river in the Rusted Waste.

The country is ruled by a king who is incredibly wealthy. He maintains advisers, but significant decisions are left solely to him. Wealth is often emphasized more in materials than currency, especially given the lack of metal in the Waste (excepting iron, of course). Much of the economy is based on internal trade. Gifts are given to the king, and taxes are put in place where possible, and the king uses this money to maintain his power as well as improve the state of Khamra. Major businesses are managed by guilds within the city.


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