The dragonborn race is proud of their natural chromacy. The dragonborn were likely created after dragons, as an attempt to combine the versatility in humans with the majesty and wonder of dragons. Their Color composition is almost perfectly even across each Color. Dragonborn are born with a basic understanding of their primary Color, and develop their chromatic skills naturally. Because of this, dragonborn are not typically very good teachers for other races. Their skill is innate and they are proud of their heritage. In dragonborn society, it is also looked down upon to pursue dichromacy. It’s seen as a betrayal of purity. Dragonborn are unique in their dichromacy that even though they are born dichromatic, they only gain control over their secondary Color when they make the choice to. When this occurs, their eyes change color immediately, and they quickly learn to manipulate their new Color. Dragonborn are nomads in secluded lands, living in small groups. They have no place to call a home, and can also frequently be found among other races.

The dragonborn are a young race. As of now, they only seem to be about 230 years old. Despite this, it is rare to find an elf or dwarf who can distinctly remember a time when dragonborn did not exist. The mysterious workings of Purple often distort memory in cases where it touches the world in a significant way. Thanks to historical research, however, it is becoming more common for logic to enlighten some of the older members of this world to the truth of their memories.

Natural Chromacy

The Dragonborn are special cases when it comes to Colors. When choosing a draconic heritage, the table below replaces the table in the Player’s Handbook. The scale color and eye color of a Dragonborn reflects their primary Color. Dragonborn dichromats are not required to expand into their secondary Color at 2nd level, or any level thereafter, but may choose to any time they gain a level. When a Dragonborn pursues dichromacy, the color of both eyes changes while their scales stay the same.

Scales Primary Color Damage Type Range (Save type)
Black Purple Lightning 5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
Blue Blue Cold 5 by 30 ft. line (Con. save)
Brass Red Fire 5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
Bronze Orange Poison 5 by 30 ft. line (Con. save)
Copper Orange Poison 5 by 30 ft. line (Con. save)
Gold Yellow Radiant 15 ft. cone (Wis. save)
Green Green Acid 15 ft. cone (Dex. save)
Red Red Fire 15 ft. cone (Dex. save)
Silver Blue Cold 15 ft. cone (Con. save)
White Blue Cold 15 ft. cone (Con. save)


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