Creation Story

Following is an excerpt from The Book of Light:

Before there was life. Before death and decay. Before good or evil, chaos or order. Before even night and day. There was stone. Featureless and smooth, the world simply was. Nothing changed, nor could it be changed. Time could not be marked, and it could not be said to even have existed. There were no stars, no mountains towering over valleys. Great canyons and rivers did not exist. But more importantly than all this, there was no Light. And without light, there could be no darkness. And so, the world simply was.

Until, from nothing, deep down within the confines of the earth, there was Red. Trapped within stone, Red was born, and it shook with its fury. The power of Red yearned to break, and the stone melted at its touch. It spread through the earth, frantically looking to escape its prison, and it got hotter and fiercer with every second until finally it burst from the surface and exploded into the sky. The uniformity that once was, broke, and the power of Red swirled within the earth. Thus ended the Age of Gray, beginning the Age of Creation. Its fury cooled, Red then gave birth to Orange.

Orange moved slowly at first, gently probing at the area around it, softening it and shaping it. It took the shattered rock that Red destroyed and molded it into a landscape. Orange used Red’s power to give rise to mountains and valleys and trenches. No longer was the earth simply smooth or shattered; it was dynamic. Orange filled the edge of the sky to suppress Red’s anger and protect its creations. And as it created, its curiosity brought about Yellow.

Yellow flashed inquisitively around the creations of Orange, illuminating valleys just to see them. It danced around the land, viewing the universe for its own pleasure. Over time, it became more and more curious, wanting to learn from Orange and create for itself, and together they changed the composition of stone. Minerals and elements came to exist to create unique combinations, and metals and jewels flowed through mountains. The more diverse the world became, the more unpredictable and wild it was, and Green came to be.

Green wished for something to appreciate the world as it was, and mixed with Yellow’s elements to create land where things might grow. Red resented Green’s creation, and made inhospitable lands: deserts and volcanoes. But for all Green’s work, it could not create something as complex as life, so it violently and frantically lashed out at the world, creating chaos and randomness. To balance Green’s chaos, Blue appeared.

Blue brought calm, and carried a need to balance the world. It filled the world with water, and brought about weather and seasons. It forced Red from the sky and compressed it into the Sun to keep it from destroying Green’s delicate creations, and asked Orange to guard Red’s confines in the sky. To further balance the power of Red, Blue created the moon, and set the cycle of day and night. And now Green had all it needed to craft life, with Blue guiding and ordering the details. As Green learned, it began mixing other Colors into its life to create more complex creatures.

This was the world in stability. Orange and Red moved and shaped the earth. Yellow experimented with creating new compounds. Green created new life, and changed it as if this were its playground. And all the while, Blue kept watch over the order of the world. And nothing miraculous happened for ages.

Spontaneously, without cause or origin, Purple exploded into the universe. And suddenly the world was filled with the wonder of starlight and mystery. But more significantly, with Purple came magic. Purple mixed with all the Colors to bring complexity to the world. Mountains groaned as if they could speak. Oceans moved and air stirred. And with Purple, Green began creating wondrous creatures who could think and speak. Hints of other Colors gave these creatures their uniqueness and individual natures. Those creatures with the most Blue began to build civilizations. And so began a new age. The Age of Magic.

Creation Story

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