The typical creature has no Color training, but many significant figures learned in some way to harness the properties of their Colors. Folk heroes, kings, diplomats, assassins, generals, and even guild masters all have some amount of control over their Color given by training or natural talent. These individuals who gain such control are considered “chromatic” and are named “chromats”. Most chromats have control of only a single Color, and are classified as monochromats. Some chromats have the ability to control two Colors, and are classified as dichromats. Dichromats do not have the same potential in each Color individually as monochromats, but they are much more versatile in their ability. No creature has ever transcended dichromacy to trichromacy; the reason for this is not yet known.

Today, most chromats learn Color manipulation at chromatic colleges, but there are some that get privately taught, are born with an innate skill (such as dragonborn), or even learn the secrets on their own.

Colors of Chromacy

Chromats of various Colors tend to embody the characteristics of the Colors they can wield. These are prototypical descriptions of chromats of their respective Colors.


Reds are often considered rash and arrogant, brashly pursuing a desire. They are direct and to-the-point, which makes them poor diplomats in general. Reds are frequently drawn to power, and may lose their conscience to this ideology. However, Reds are also the most emotional creatures, and tend to be the most emotive as well. They may let revenge take hold of them easily, or roar battle cries during war. They also forge the strongest friendships, and love more fiercely than most. Those that can push aside a desire for power will uphold loyalty and honor for the sake of those they care about.


Because of their innate behavior and abilities, Oranges are frequently mistrusted and suspected for crime and mischief. That is not to say that this mistrust is misplaced. Many Oranges are thieves and criminals. However, some are simply outcasts or introverts who would prefer not to be noticed. Diplomats and powerful aristocrats are also frequently Oranges, given their inherent silver tongues. Oranges are both quiet and loud, and often have no problem manipulating others. Whether that manipulation is morally wrong isn’t always clear.


Yellows are often seen as frivolous, and aren’t always taken seriously as a result. Their nature may seem childish to some, but Yellows are often optimistic, and can boost morale in many circumstances. They are also incredibly intelligent in their own way, and learn very quickly. A Yellow often learns a wider variety of skills than most chromats, and at a quicker rate. Their curiosity comes from experiencing the world rather than reading about it like a Blue might. Yellows and Blues often criticize each other over their conflicting natures. Yellows frequently get attached to objects or memoirs, and they have a love for beauty, especially in gemstones or precious metals. Most Yellows wear some piece of jewelry just to look at every once in a while.


Greens are typically considerate of their effects on their environment. They would not wish harm on a creature unless they consider that creature to be endangering something they care about. This consideration does not always mean careful action, however, and Greens may be impulsive at times. They value freedom, and rarely appreciate strict society or government. To a Green, life is precious, and taking it should carry a heavy weight.


Blues are perfectionists. They are frequently tedious and organized, and not always better for it. They are also unusually calm and logical, and some might say cold or unemotional. Reds and Blues often have ideological disagreements concerning emotions or reasoning. A Blue loves to know things where a Yellow loves to learn them, and they would rather spend their time understanding an account from a book than traveling to witness something for themselves. Blues also promote balance in all things. They support governments that work properly and algorithms for dealings with everyday life. They are frequently researchers or craftsmen. They enjoy understanding how things work, and then applying that knowledge for use.


Purples are odd creatures. They can be unpredictable, and tend to work alone. Many Purples are regarded as abnormalities, and they are typically left to their own devices, but they are also highly respected. Often, Purples bring about wondrous occurrences, and sometimes their appearance is attributed to good or bad luck. Sometimes, Purples take advantage of their mysterious reputation to influence others. Some say that looking a Purple in the eyes is a haunting experience; that you can see their profound intelligence and power waiting for a chance to be unleashed.


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