When humans were first created, civilization grew most quickly in the land now known as Aerilon. At the present time, it is the most powerful of the human kingdoms, and most negotiations take place in its capital, Silverlight City. Aerilon is located in northeastern [Continent name]. It has two major cities: Silverlight City and Westfall. Each of these cities houses a Chromatic College. Silverlight has the Sapphire Tower and Westfall has the Crimson Keep. Because the existence of two Chromatic Colleges that teach Colors on opposite ends of the spectrum, people tend to view Aerilon as a “balanced” country, upholding order.

Aerilon has won most of its wars, and tends to intervene in small conflicts (usually involving humans). Chromatic Councils are held in Silverlight city as well. The kingdom is ruled by the Blue King, who resides in Silverlight. The king is typically the head of the most powerful family in the city, and by an unspoken rule, is typically not strongly associated with the Sapphire Tower (to prevent the tower from having too much influence). There are no laws about putting a high ranking member of the Tower in government, however, and there have been some instances where this has led to disputes between houses.

Currently Toren Donoth is the Blue King. He is well-respected and loved by his subjects. He has passed some laws restricting the influence of the Tower, who sees him as a bit of a political adversary, though not publicly.

Aerilon is bordered on the west by Ithygra, but is surrounded by water on all other sides. Some dwarven city states exist in the mountains on the border between Aerilon and Ithygra. They are self-governing, but exist within (or beneath) the lands held by Aerilon.


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