Tag: Nashar


  • Khamra

    Khamra, the capital of [[Nashar]] is, in fact, the only city in the [[The Rusted Waste | Rusted Waste]]. An overwhelming majority of the population lives within the city, or close by. The king's palace resides in the center of the city. It was built at …

  • The Rusted Waste

    The Rusted Waste (also known simply as the Waste) takes up the entirety of the northern half of [[Antinaea]]. It was given its name by its inhabitants, the [[Nashar | Nashari]] in their language, and translated to Common. The name comes from the sand, …

  • The Nahr

    The Nahr is the only river of note in the [[The Rusted Waste | Rusted Waste]]. Its name translates literally to "River" in Common, and so is not called the "Nahr River."