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  • Classes

    All classes currently officially released are playable and exist in the Chromatic Domains. However, some basic motivations are modified. For example, there are not traditional gods, so a cleric or paladin must receive their powers from some other source …

  • Cleric

    With a change to [[Religion | religion]], clerics need to work a bit differently than the vanilla game. Clerics must always be [[Chromat | chromats]], as they use the power of chromacy to affect the world around them. A cleric is devoted to their [[ …

  • Sorcerer

    Sorcerers have almost exactly the same mechanics as described in the Player's Handbook. The only difference is the Draconic Ancestry table for the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerous Origin, which instead looks like this: | *Dragon* | *Damage Type* | | Black …

  • Paladin

    In the same way that [[Cleric | clerics]] base divine intervention on [[Colors]] rather than gods, paladins use [[Chromat | chromacy]] to exact justice. All paladins must be chromats, but otherwise, nothing is changed.