Tag: Chromat


  • Color Training

    All creatures with [[Purple]] in their [[Color Composition | Color composition]] have the potential to be [[Chromat | chromatic]], but it takes [[Colors | Color]] training to use these abilities to full effect. A creature with Color training is called a …

  • Blue

    Blue was the last of the [[Mundane Color | Mundane Colors]]. It is calm and orderly where [[Green]] is unpredictable. Blue created cycles and order. It tends toward sharp edges or perfect curves. With Blue came balance and the possibility for life. Blue …

  • Monochromat

    Monochromats are [[Chromat | chromats]] who can control only their [[Primary Color | primary Color]], as opposed to [[Dichromat | dichromats]], who can control both their primary and [[Secondary Color | secondary]] Colors.

  • Dichromat

    Dichromats are [[Chromat | chromats]] who can control both their [[Primary Color | primary]] and [[Secondary Color | secondary]] Colors, as opposed to [[Monochromat | monochromats]], who can control only their primary Color.

  • Chromatic Colleges

    The chromatic colleges are universities specializing in the teaching of [[Chromat | chromacy]] and its uses. Each college specializes in one [[Colors | Color]], and each Color is represented except for [[Purple]]. Though other schools and methods exist …