Tag: Celonias


  • Morford

    Morford is a human city centered around trade. It is the capital of [[Suri]]. Merchants can be found in every corner of this city, and many guilds are based here. Morford also houses the [[The Copper Guilds | Copper Guilds]].

  • Silverlight City

    Silverlight City (also commonly called the Great Blue City) is the center of human civilization. To many, it is the pinnacle of technology and society. Standing taller than anything else in the city is the [[The Sapphire Tower | Sapphire Tower]]. The …

  • Aerilon

    When humans were first created, civilization grew most quickly in the land now known as Aerilon. At the present time, it is the most powerful of the human kingdoms, and most negotiations take place in its capital, Silverlight City. Aerilon is located in …

  • Westfall

    Westfall is the second major city of Aerilon. It was originally designed to be a military fort, but now exists as a fully functional city. With the invasion of easterners long ago, the people of Aerilon fled to Westfall to take refuge. The fort was under …

  • Suri

    Once a part of the Nilurian empire, Suri is now an independent state in southern [[Celonias]]. It is governed by humans, but is home to all races. Its capital, [[Morford]], houses the [[The Copper Guilds | Copper Guilds]].

  • Ithygra

    Ithygra is the elven territory on the western edge of the Chromatic Domains. They claim territory north of their forest, but have no real want of the land. The human settlements in this area are, however, under the protection of the elves. The government …