The Chromatic Domains

A Contract

You are en route to the Silverlight City to answer the summons of the Sapphire Tower. Upon reaching a small inn on the road outside the city, you met with your guide: a loud but respectable human named Gyliam who tells far too many stories. As the last of you arrives, you will make your way into the city.

You were approached at some point within the past few weeks with a proposition: The Sapphire Tower is in need of adventurers. You were handpicked as a candidate. If you refuse, you will not be bothered again. But if you accept, the reward is substantial in both reputation and gold. Any questions you had concerning the nature of the job were refused. In order to know more, you needed to agree to travel to the Great Blue City (expenses paid). For whatever reason, you’ve all decided to come to learn more.


Zunawe Zunawe

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