The Chromatic Domains

Monsters and Dwarves

After enjoying a night’s rest at the Broken Axe Inn, the party saw a boy run into the inn saying his sister was taken by monsters. Ethed, the innkeeper, immediately left to rescue her. The party followed and tracked the monsters (a bugbear and a goblin) into a cave near the lake. The monsters were handily defeated and the girl was rescued. Upon looking around, a couple potions and a spell scroll were found, as well as a chest full of coins. A large portion of the coins were given to the town.

They then set off again into the forest toward Dahn Kalduhr to see Gilgam. After a few hours walking, a couple voices were heard around a bend. Shimazu moved off the road to observe from a distance. A half-elf and a Blue dragonborn came around the corner arguing about whether grasshoppers had the ability to fly. Upon some discussion with the party, it was decided that they could not. Shimazu rejoined the party after their passing.

Eventually, the forest thinned and a large tunnel was reached. It stretched far into the mountains in a straight line. About an hour of walking showed the party their first view of Dahn Kalduhr, a large crafted dwarven city.

Nobody around the entrance to the city seemed to know the name “Gilgam”. Antinonco decided to visit a nearby market stall that had seemed to attract a large number of viewers. There they found an eccentric dwarf selling potions. Udoka, skeptical of the dwarf’s intent, asked the dwarf to prove the effectiveness of her wares. She gave a small portion to an elderly dwarf with an aching back, and the apparent result was instant relief and healing. While Udoka argued with the merchant, Shimazu caught a young half-elf stealing a potion. The child refused to talk and ended up escaping into the crowd, which had begun to dissipate since Udoka’s disruption. The dwarf was now demanding compensation from the party for driving the crowd away.

On the verge of the intervention of guards, a dwarf with orange eyes pushed Udoka and the dwarf (apparently named Sefyr) apart. He introduced himself as Gilgam, and asked the party (somewhat reluctantly) to follow him. He also told Sefyr that he would pay her the compensation she was looking for.

Gilgam’s house lay on the far edge of the city. It was relatively modest on the outside, but the interior was comfortable. He paid Sefyr, and when the party indicated that their discussion should be more private, Gilgam told them that Sefyr would be joining them on their mission, as she had been to Tief recently. He then gave more details on the bandit king and the prismatic crystal.

Apparently, a prismatic crystal is an object that can store reserves of chromatic energy. An adept chromat wielding the crystal could have potentially limitless power with it. Gilgam believes the object to be inherently heretical, and warned that it may be too great a danger for the world.

Gilgam also gave the party some information about the investigation of Eva’s murder, which he apparently knew quite a bit about. During the discussion, his eyes also turned a violent purple. Before the party left, he emphasized that the secrecy of his existence be as significant to them as their mission. He appeared to almost regret interacting with the party, though he was very hospitable.

After finding a place to sleep for the night, the party (a member larger) again started travelling west. This path was much less grand and simple as the eastern entrance, as these tunnels connected to the mines. The party had little trouble finding a course to the exit. Along the way, they occasionally passed dwarves, all of whom were friendly (or apathetic at the worst). There was a brief encounter with some kobolds, but it was of no danger. Later, however, they encountered the corpses of three recently killed dwarves. They followed the blood trail of whatever creature had made the attack to the end of a side cave, where they discovered an orog. The orc had badly injured its leg, probably fighting the dwarves, and was dumping some items when Antinonco jumped around the corner and shot at it with a crossbow.

Injured as it was, the orog stood little chance against the party, which quickly dispatched it after crippling its armor. In this small cavern, another potion and spell scroll was found, as well as a box containing an ornamental dagger and a letter. Apparently, this dagger was being delivered to somebody named Urin, who is somewhere to the west.

After backtracking and continuing toward the exit, the party finally emerged from the caves to a starry night. They made camp not far from the edge of the tunnels to sleep for the night.


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